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Our Be Delicious Fragrance Candle is similar to the popular women’s fragrance. A fruity fragrance combining the scent of apple with a blend of exotic flowers and sensual woods - a true New York icon! We are in no way affiliated with the designer fragrance company. Our fragrance candle simply smells similar to the perfume.

Reviews of this candle:

Shirley Whyton
Beautiful fragrance which is very popular with family and friends

Elaine Stratford
Absolutely stunning scent, candle smells beautiful

Jane Mcgough
It’s gorgeous, and you won’t be disappointed

Jeni Leyland
This smells amazing ! I am so obsessed with this scent and can see it being extremely popular!

Emma Phillips
Smells just like my favourite perfume! So pleased to have found this.

Rebecca Beilby
So far I think this is my favourite!! It's an absolute juicy , fruity double of the actual perfume. Love it

Karen Leggat
Really nice fresh fragrance and very like the perfume.

Samantha Rhodes
Lovely strong scent smells exactly like the perfume.

Be Delicious Perfume Candle

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